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What kind of free gift?  Not a one-size-fits-all ebook or anything goofy like that, because Spirit knows that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, unless we're talking about sarongs.  Rather, when you submit a request via my contact form I will send you a personalized message from Spirit within two business days - and all I need is your name and email address!  And I only need that to get back to you - I don't even have a newsletter at this point.  If I decide to create one in the future, I'll ask if you want to opt in, and chances are it will be very infrequent.  Otherwise, you'll never hear from me again unless you choose to.  God knows we have enough information these days; I'm on a pretty strict 'inbox diet' myself, so I'll certainly understand if you are too.  What the world most needs, I feel, is not more information but more silence, for it is there that the answers to our most pressing problems are found.  It is there that the voice of Spirit can be heard.

This is a one-time offer; if you want more after your freebie I ask that you kindly pay for it - no trickiness with other email accounts please (remember, I'm psychic and I will know!)  My son says, "be glad at least she's not your mother!"  I guess having a psychic mother can be a bummer sometimes, but I tell him I can't help who I am, and he seems to love me anyway...  

This might be a limited time offer, but then again it might not - only Spirit knows, and that's the fun part!  I may not know much about marketing, but fortunately Spirit does. :)

What form might your free gift take?  It might be a bit of channelled wisdom that your guides want you to know.  It might be a prayer they send me to help you through the steps you're taking now.  It might even be a drawing...whatever form it comes in, my commitment is to be the clearest channel I can for exactly what it is you need, right now.  I look forward to serving the Light in You.

Welcome. You are here for a reason. 
I have created this website as an online sanctuary for people who are seeking support on the path of awakening to their true nature.  There is healing energy here that you can tap into at any time, and I encourage you to return and receive it as often as you like. 

I am a lover of God and consider myself to be a facilitator of awakening to the eternal, Divine Presence that abides within each and every one of us.  Here you can learn about my service offerings, read channeled writings from Spirit, and explore things that inspire me and help me connect more deeply to the Beloved within. I hope that by sharing my journey here, I can support you on your own path to embodying your Divine purpose more deeply.

May you know yourself as the radiant Divine being that you are, now and always.
~ Natalie
You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For!